Putting the case against abortion under the microscope

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In April last year, a 10-year old girl gave birth to a baby boy in a hospital in Rio Branco in Brazil. She had been repeatedly raped by her father. In Texas, laws have been recently approved that ban abortion for anyone whose pregnancy is more than six weeks. Many people do not even know they are pregnant within six weeks, especially 10-year olds. …

It takes a tsunami to dismantle the roots of entitlement.

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The overwhelming number of men who commit rape escape justice. This article offers a new front in the fight against rape, with a single suggestion that could completely shift the current impunity for men who rape women.

Switch the legal requirement for women to prove they did not consent to men to prove they did.

Here is a quick run-through of the suggestion.

A Question of Rape

Before I start, let me affirm that our current legal system is far better than no legal system at all. But do not let that justify complacency…

Finally there is at least a part of what you say I can agree with. I have been distraught at watching a professor choosing to be so wilfully selective with what you write as to be actively misrepresentative. Nevertheless, I have always appreciated reading what the "Trump camp" thinks. Otherwise, what people hear is so filtered as to make it impossible to hear each other. So thank you once again,

But what excited me with this article (in a positive way) was your description of a Misery Index. I have believed for a long time that monetary GDP is a…

This article proposes a model for a more effective system of education

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The current education system is dominated by a system of assessment that was designed in and for the last century. The current system undermines its effectiveness. Copious research identifies the needs to develop an education system that is more rounded, more in tune with the way we learn and interact, more based on the skills we are likely to need during the coming century, not the last one.

There is a growing discussion around the purpose of education. I believe we need to refocus the discussion around the…

How to unite the tense Divided States of America

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The United States has rarely been less united than it is now. The present tense state of the Union sees Democrats and Republicans who can barely hold a civil thought about each other, far less a civil discussion to open the way to mutual understanding and reconciliation. Just under half of America voted to elect Donald Trump as their president. Their vote echoes the hopes and fears of the majority of Germans who voted to elect Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Some may have been unaware at the…

New ideas for a depolarised and less dangerous form of politics

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We have framed political discussion for at least the last century in terms of left and right. We talk about fascism v communism, socialism v conservationism, liberalism v neoliberalism, religious fundamentalism v environmentalism. The US election offers only two options — one is moderately left, the other extremely right.

The Polarisation of Politics
In the States, here in the UK and elsewhere, we are becoming a world polarised and paralysed by our views, so much so that we have started to define people by their politics. The miraculous combination of…

26/07/20: A poem exploring the impact of toxic masculinity on the Coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter

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“There’s a wolf at the door,
See its colour, not its core,”
Said the liar at the lair
Whose addicted to your pain

There’s a wolf on the prowl
licking scents of bitter air
in the hope of slating hunger on
impoverished despair.

The elderly, the vulnerable,
turned fodder in the shaded
gaze of younger care-free carriers of
memories soon to fade.

The liar paints to soothe you
with his colour of despair
as his power feeds on energy
enriched by bitter fear.

The time has come for a wiser structure of education

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A good education system equips our children for their future. One of its two equally important components currently overshadows the other. I would give the way we educate our children a mark of C-. The problem is systemic. This article outlines how the system needs to be changed to become an A+.

The over-dominant side of education is instruction. Instruction teaches children how to add numbers, how to compute fractions, how to differentiate equations. It teaches facts and consequences of history. It teachers cell biology and medicine. Instruction lends itself…

Do you want to know how to live a happier life?

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What is going on?

According to economists, we have never been wealthier. Yet …

Racism is entrenched, sexism is booming, 2.4 million people were subject to domestic abuse in the UK last year, stratospheric stress levels manifest as depression, self-harm running at over 40% amongst 14–15 years olds in a town in the UK, drug and alcohol abuse costing the US $600 bn each year, suicide rates are up.

Why are we so unhappy when, prior to the Coronavirus, we have never had more?

This article seeks what we…

Removing barriers to a new economy that is both sustainable and fairer for all.

A New Dawn (Photo by Dawid Zawila on unsplash.com)

We keep hearing about systemic problems. Systemic racism, systemic abuse, systemic poverty.

What is it about the system that fails so many people?

This is an essay that offers answers. It explores the history and basis of society. It proposes the basis of a new understanding, one that underpins the transformation of society into one that is sustainable, compassionate, effective and fairer for all.

It starts off with a brief history of mankind. It is told for a reason, from a very particular perspective. It is…

Nigel Cohen

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