A new economic model for making life better for earth and for all who live in it.

This is the first in a series of three books I have written that explore ways we can improve our quality of life.

Section 1: Togetherness

Section 1 of the book deals with Togetherness. It examines…

A philosophy of life, based on a proposition of its random creation

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This is the third in a series of books that explore ways we can improve our quality of life. It explores the character and purpose of life on the proposition that it emerged randomly from the building blocks…

Putting the case against abortion under the microscope

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In April last year, a 10-year old girl gave birth to a baby boy in a hospital in Rio Branco in Brazil. She had been repeatedly raped by her father. In Texas, laws have been recently approved that ban abortion for anyone…

How to dismantle the roots of entitlement.

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The overwhelming number of men who commit rape escape justice. This article offers a new front in the fight against rape, with a single suggestion that could completely shift the current impunity for men who rape women.

Switch the legal requirement for women…

Finally there is at least a part of what you say I can agree with. I have been distraught at watching a professor choosing to be so wilfully selective with what you write as to be actively misrepresentative. Nevertheless, I have always appreciated reading what the "Trump camp" thinks. Otherwise…

This article proposes a model for a more effective system of education

Photo: Jeswin Thomas on unsplash.com

The current education system is dominated by a system of assessment that was designed in and for the last century. The current system undermines its effectiveness. …

How to unite the tense Divided States of America

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The United States has rarely been less united than it is now. The present tense state of the Union sees Democrats and Republicans who can barely hold a civil thought about each other, far less a civil discussion to open the…

New ideas for a depolarised and less dangerous form of politics

Photo: Florian Olivio on unsplash.com

We have framed political discussion for at least the last century in terms of left and right. We talk about fascism v communism, socialism v conservationism, liberalism v neoliberalism, religious fundamentalism v environmentalism. …

26/07/20: A poem exploring the impact of toxic masculinity on the Coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter

Photo: Steffie Heufelder on pixabay.com

“There’s a wolf at the door,
See its colour, not its core,”
Said the liar at the lair
Whose addicted to your pain

There’s a wolf on the prowl
licking scents of bitter air

The time has come for a wiser structure of education

Photo: David Ragusa on unsplash.com

A good education system equips our children for their future. One of its two equally important components currently overshadows the other. I would give the way we educate our children a mark of C-. The problem is systemic. …

Nigel Cohen

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