Finally there is at least a part of what you say I can agree with. I have been distraught at watching a professor choosing to be so wilfully selective with what you write as to be actively misrepresentative. Nevertheless, I have always appreciated reading what the "Trump camp" thinks. Otherwise, what people hear is so filtered as to make it impossible to hear each other. So thank you once again,

But what excited me with this article (in a positive way) was your description of a Misery Index. I have believed for a long time that monetary GDP is a completely misleading way to judge the economic experience of a nation. I love your exploring this alternative. Personally, I would prefer to look at the positive side of the coin and measure "wellbeing".

My concern about your wilful blindness to reality is your failure to use the same valuable assessment of the Trump presidency. According to my research, the state of wellbeing in the US collapsed under the Trump presidency. If you do want to hold President Biden to account, which I will watch with great interest, your objectivity as a professor must be questioned if you fail to apply the same criteria to "your man".

Please do keep writing your articles. I do appreciate them even if I struggle to understand how you can honestly omit so much of what happens in your country to come to the conclusions you do.