Forever Ukraine

Nigel Cohen
2 min readOct 25, 2022

A work of art that depicts the indestructibility of Ukraine.

PhotoArt: Nigel Cohen at

The prime focus of the picture is a Russian missile aimed at a residential building, its broken frame echoing the iconic image of the Twin Towers from 9/11. A majestic plume of smoke rises from the building, temporarily obscuring the building and even the smoke itself. From the intensity of the fire, dust and particles are sent into the sky, blanketing the area in a white haze. These particles are the seeds of Ukraine, scattered and dispersed in the wind, each one a symbol of the nation, ready to be planted and nurtured by the mothers of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side is represented by lush, golden fields of wheat under a deep blue sky. A dove flies overhead, a symbol of purity and peace, protecting the majestic spirit of Ukraine. It is a land of vibrant life and hope.

The Russian side is represented by desolation. The spirit of its people lies dead on the ground, food for the black crows dressed in the colour of death. Its fields are barren and its skies are black, illuminated only by the streak of the missile and the cold light of fire.

The picture depicts the stark contrast between life and death, between creation and destruction, between humanity and inhumanity. It speaks to the Ukrainian people, reminding them that as long as they stand proud, Ukraine will forever flourish.

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