The essence of morality in an increasingly immoral world

Nigel Cohen
5 min readFeb 16, 2024
Photo Art: Nigel Cohen

Morality is at the core of our humanity. So if we want to preserve and nourish our humanity, it helps to understand it better.

A child can never play the game ‘hop-skip and jump’ until s/he knows how to hop. In the same way, a person will never behave morally without understanding why we need it.

‘Morality’ is a work of art that expresses the fundamentals of what morality is. It uses symbolism to convey both the essence of morality and what it achieves.

The Purpose of Morality

The way we teach Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution gets it half right, half wrong.

Our teaching focuses almost entirely on his concept of Survival of the Fittest. The weakest baby elephant becomes prey to hyenas, leaving just the stronger elephants to grow into reproductive adults. This natural process weeds out the weaker members of the species, resulting in a species of stronger members. This is the half right part.

The part that is half wrong is the part we do not generally talk about. But it is every bit as significant in the evolution of species, especially when it comes to the human species.

When elephants stop running from hyenas and turn as one to face them, the small hyenas do not stand a chance…