Designs for a Better World

A new economic model for making life better for earth and for all who live in it.

This is the first in a series of three books I have written that explore ways we can improve our quality of life.

Section 1: Togetherness

Section 1 of the book deals with Togetherness. It examines what is society, how is it evolves and what makes it effective. It looks at the nature of society and the nature of humans that make up society. It explores what humans want from life and the role society plays in delivering what we want and need to live. It discusses what we mean by “better”, to assess the life we live and the society we live in. Its core conclusion is that the purpose of society is to maximise sustainable human wellbeing.

Section 2: Structuring Society

Section 2 deals with how society is structured to deliver on its objectives. It builds on the concepts of Togetherness to examine what makes an effective society. It describes society’s infrastructure and introduces a new model of society that is charged with delivering sustainable wellebing. It looks at leadership models and the impact of each on wellbeing. It looks at how societies evolve and mature. It presents some perspectives on society and it describes what it describes as “Social Competence” of both individuals and society at large.

Section 3: Specific Proposals

The final section offers 12 steps to remodel society to deliver a wellbeing economy. The steps are designed to maximise sustainable aggregate human wellbeing for all members of society. Examples of the steps include redefining a human-centric target for the advance of society, how to assess the effectiveness of society, how to account for social cohesion and how to distribute the gains from society more sensibly.

Further Reading

Designs for a Better World by G Nigel Cohen

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